Radar Dish

Course Scope: This course is available to Bureau of Meteorology Technical Officer (Engineering) employees.
Students who achieve competency in this course will be endorsed to work with other qualified TO(Eng) employees, undertaking radar maintenance on any of the Bureau of Meteorology weather radars (except Gematronik S1 radar).

Regional maintenance centres are expected to support the long-term development of course graduates by providing regular opportunities for them to work alongside regional radar experts. If the graduate's skills are not utilised on a regular basis, refresher courses will need to be undertaken to ensure this qualification remains current.

Duration: Students are allowed 6 weeks to complete Section One
Assessment: Quizzes and Interconnection exercise

Rob Duthie
Senior Technical Inst.

03 9355 3213 - Annexe
03 9669 4104 - City

Ben Gillson
Technical Trainer

03 9355 3222 - Annexe