Antarctic surface observations provide data for weather forecasting, aviation and climate products. Training is required in both theoretical and practical aspects of observational meteorology to ensure accurate and consistent information is reported. An observation includes the collection and entry of data, transmission of the message, and quality control.

This course will provide the graduate with the skills and knowledge to perform aviation and synoptic observations at an Antarctic or sub-Antarctic Bureau of Meteorology weather station.

This course is derived from Mike Shevchenko's Synoptic Observations course and Paul Toomey's Aerodrome Weather Observer course. Thanks Mike and Paul! 

Pre-requisites Basic Technical Skills Assessment (Antarctic Observations)

Time Required  18 x 0.5 days

Delivery Mode classroom and online

Assessment  Online quizzes and practical demonstration 

Contact Details: Ken Barker, email Ken.Barker@BoM.Gov.AU; phone 03 9355 3224