Person signing a proposal

This module is part of the Customer Engagement - Intermediate suite and will develop skills, knowledge, and behaviours in:

  1. Developing customer proposals according to Bureau requirements        
  2. Managing assumptions associated with business proposals
  3. Preparing the presentation of proposals
  4. Use of persuasive language                              
  5. Presenting business proposals (either in written form and/or as a presentation)       
  6.  Seeking customer acceptance

Before commencing this module, you must be familiar with the following:  

      • The Bureau's Customer Engagement: Impact and Value Policy
      • Developing a Customer Relationship and Engagement Plan
      • The three Manage Opportunity Guidelines:
          • Identify and Assess Opportunity
          • Propose Opportunity
          • Convert and Close Opportunity

and having completed:

      • Communication: beyond the basics module
      • Aligning products and services to needs module
      • Customer problem solving and negotiation module