About the Assessment

The assessment task is delivered as a series of quizzes - one for each of the four competency areas.

  • The quizzes are completed online

  • You must be enrolled and logged in to attempt each quiz

  • All questions are of the multiple choice type

  • The time permitted to complete each quiz is 60 minutes

  • The quizzes may be attempted in any order

  • The assessment is open book

  • There is no pause button provided for the countdown timer once a quiz has commenced

  • You must successfully complete all four quizzes for the overall completion of the Competency Assessment

  • The pass mark for each quiz is 100%

Completing each individual Quiz

The quizzes use a marking method called Interactive with multiple tries. This means you may submit your response to each individual question within a quiz for immediate feedback on whether it is correct or not before moving on to the next question. Further, should your selected response for a question be marked incorrect, a second attempt at selecting the correct response for that question will be provided. The following demonstrates the process:

  • After making your choice, select the "Check" button. See below:

quiz instructions 1

  • You will be notified whether your choice is correct or incorrect. Below, the choice was incorrect. You may have one more attempt at selecting the correct response for the question by selecting the "Try again" button:

quiz instructions 2

  • On the second attempt, below, the correct choice was made. Your initial incorrect response is over-ridden and full marks will be allocated for the question. You may now move on to another question in the quiz.

quiz instructions 3


Should your selected answer on the 2nd attempt be marked as incorrect, you will not be given an opportunity to make a further choice and therefore can not achieve a result of 100% for the quiz you are attempting. You may still, should you wish, attempt any remaining unanswered questions for practice.

What if I don't receive a result of 100% in a quiz?

Should you fail to achieve a result of 100%, the quiz will be available for a re-sit after a 15 minute review period is imposed for further study. During the review period you will be able to attempt the quizzes for other topics. Immediately following an unsuccessful attempt, or should you try to attempt an unsuccessful quiz within the review period, you will see the following message:

quiz instructions

Quiz navigation

A quiz navigation block will remain on the screen for the duration of each quiz. Below is an explanation of the information presented.

quiz navigation block

After selecting the Finish attempt... link, you will be directed to the "summary of attempt' page:

summary of attempt

Be sure you give a response to all questions as any unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect. To submit the quiz, select the Submit all and finish box. Your result will be displayed immediately.

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