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Welcome to Service Management training. This is designed to create awareness, uplift the Service Management culture and improve the customer experience – both internal and external. 

The following training is designed for all service management support staff, team leads and those requiring awareness of technology change management.

1. Introduction to Service Management eLearn: 20 minute elearn (a pre-requisite to the workshop below).

2. Improving Service Management Workshop: a four (4) hour activity-based virtual learning experience.

3. Leading Service Management Workshop: a 75 minute virtual learning experience.

4. Technology Change Management: this includes a15 minute eLearn and a one (1) hour virtual session.

Service Management training overview

The Introduction to Service Management eLearn outlines what service management is, why it's important and how it enables the Bureau to deliver critical services for our customers and colleagues. In this eLearn module, we'll focus on SM used by the Bureau to action issues and incidents, submit requests for services, or request changes to services or IT equipment. 

Once you have completed this module, you will be invited to attend one of the Improving Service Management Workshops. These will be delivered face to face as well as virtually. More details will be sent to you via email. 

The Improving Service Management Workshop takes a deeper dive into Service Management at the Bureau. 

This is a highly interactive and engaging learning experience and will be delivered face-to-face as well as virtually. Please allow the full four (4) hours for this workshop.

The Leading Service Management Workshop will focus on managing key SM metrics to improve our SM practices and applying / monitoring these practices with your teams to increase our SM maturity and capability at the Bureau. This training is for team leads and those leading support staff.

There is a a refresher eLearn available and you will be invited to attend the virtual workshop.

The Technology Change Management training will outline the objectives, expectations, roles and responsibilities, and other key important steps to support technology change. This learning is for specialist Service Management roles who are involved in raising changes.

There is an introduction eLearn available and you will be invited to attend the 60-minute virtual session.