WebConsole is a web-based application for monitoring real-time observations. In interactive mode, the WebConsole allows an observer to edit and append to automatically generated timed messages, as well as initiate and dispatch special unscheduled messages.

Meteorological offices are transitioning from MetConsole to the WebConsole application for transmitting Aerodrome Weather Reports. AWO Class A personnel are required to complete approved competency training prior to using WebConsole. In addition, the WebConsole RVR Supplement training must be complete by staff at locations where RVR reporting equipment is installed.

Note: This course content is only available to AWO Class A qualification holders. Contact bmtc-awo@bom.gov.au for enrolment queries.

This WebConsole RVR Supplement course is currently under review.

Staff who have been directed to complete the course, please email Ken Barker at bmtc-awo@bom.gov.au